$199 Small Business Websites

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easy Click, Edit, Save

Website Upgrades:

Customized Logo - $50
Choose a logo from the logo options page and add your own choice of colors.

Editable Flash Slideshow - $50
Flash on home page with up to 4 images that will rotate and fade in/out 4-5 seconds each.

SEO Package - $350
We'll optimize your existing content to fit your site's niche market, improve the look and feel as needed, add relevant keywords and internal and external links to help work to improve your site's overall ranking, set up free analytics, webmaster tools (Google) and submit a sitemap to help in the long term management of your website's top ranking and placement in major search engines.

Stock Images

Your website also comes with many stock images royalty free and ready to put into your masthead or position in your pages with your text.

Stock Images for your site.


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Hostgator Hosting Offer

Includes Personalized Logo, easyCES editing software, Google Analytics and Webmaster Tools setup, search engine submission and more.

Add 1 yr. Unlimited hosting for as low as $3.96 per month. Purchase here » Unlimited Green HostGator Hosting for only $3.96 per month*
Domain Names for $9.99 per year »

Inexpensive Web Design for Small Businesses

What is easyCES?

I developed this easy to use content management system to offer affordable small business web design and hosting to customers and so that you, the small business owner can edit simple text changes on your website yourself, with simple steps similar to using a word processor and at your convenience 24/7/365. There are no monthly fees and no hidden fees. You pay for the website and get many free inclusions that help to grow your small business. read more »

Try out the demo:

See Our Inexpensive Web Design Themes/Options »

Watch a shorter how-to video and/or Try out the demo:

The demo website content will be refreshed to it's original content when you click the 'Done Editing' link or the 'Restore Content...' link at the top left of the Demo page. Please refrain from uploading offensive material so that we can continue to offer the demo without prior registration.

View the How to page and then try it out. It's pretty easy, Click, Edit, Save.

Also, the demo shows the editable slideshow ($50) for the homepage of your site. Upload the images from your computer or use the default images we purchased from iStock.

Log in to try out the demo:

username: demo
password: password123

Click the login link at the bottom of the page to try it out.

Cheap websites aren't always 'cheap' products

Why is it cheap? The main 'Theme' or layout of the website has already been designed so you can just add, edit and delete the content for your small business website including a logo, images and/or text, even video. You can do this on your schedule, any time you need to 24/7/365 using a word processor type of text editor that's easy. Click, Edit, Save.

Plus, using themes and customizable color options makes the setup and customization process much quicker (usually only 1 day) and gives each customer an opportunity to add unique content and product/niche specific images without the additional time or expense of a Custom Design option (although we do offer those as well). A full Custom Design may take a week or two, thus the additional expense.

After you decide on what theme, logo and background color you want, place your order by filling out the contact form. We'll arrange for payment via PayPal or check and once it's received, we'll do the initial Personalized Small Business Website setup (site, domain pointing, mail setup, search engine submission, etc.), then you can log in and do the rest yourself.

See Our Inexpensive Web Design Themes/Options »

  1. Login with your username and password
  2. Go to the page you want to edit
  3. Click the pencil of the area you want to edit with text and/or images.
  4. Edit your website content, update images and more.
  5. Save your updates.
  6. View the changes in a separate window
  7. Exit and go on with your day

Watch a how-to video

Simple edits can take as little as a minute, from login to logout, to complete.

Manage Your Own Content

With our software and cheap web page design for your company, there's no need to wait for a web designer or web developer to make your site updates for you which can sometimes take days to implement. Do it yourself and save on monthly Support and Update fees.

*Domain names are based on availability.

Compatibility Tested

Websites tested in major browsers for compatibility so all of your customers will see your website content how it's supposed to be presented.

Cheap websites for FirefoxIE6+ tested cheap websitesNetscape ready cheap websitesOpera websites for cheapSafari tested websitesChrome browers for website

Firefox, Internet Explorer 6 - 9, Netscape Navigator, Opera, Safari and Chrome.

Have a browser not listed here that displays your site differently? Let us know and we'll look into making adjustments for future release compatibility.


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